Connecting Youth to Technology
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Helping students develop the capacity to understand content that is complex, ambiguous, and challenging on a personal level. Rigorous instruction will foster student leadership in classrooms, while also preparing students for the challenges of college.



Understanding how information and skills presented in the classroom are applicable to their daily life experiences. Students will understand why taught concepts are important and how their knowledge of these concepts will apply to their current and future lives.



Building relationships of mutual respect, trust, and caring between students and teachers will aid in educating students through the Tiny Techz curriculum and will carry over into the day-to-day lives of the students in schools.

What Our Programs Teach

Tiny Techz’s curriculum develops skills essential for career readiness, college preparation to thrive in today’s technology-based society. Understanding the importance of education standards, Tiny Techz has aligned its curriculum to meet common core standards. Tiny Techz distinguishes its program from its competitors through engaging real world scenarios taught through technology. We ensure our scholars are introduced to the principles of STEM and it’s careers. Aside from our wide variety of curriculum, Tiny Techz offers other services:

  • Curriculum Development Consultations
  • Professional Development Sessions- how to effectively integrate technology and STEM into the classroom along with project based learning.
  • Public Speaking- request Tiny Techz to come and speak to your class
  • Coming Soon! Tiny Techz Birthday Parties